March, 2008
name Title
Master Tadasuke Kido Sensitive determinations of stable nitrogen isotopic composition of organic nitrogen : Application to the oeanic nitrogen fixation
Bachelor Satoko Daita Tracing nitrogen cycles in natural waters using the triple oxygen isotopic compositions as tracers
March, 2007
name Title
Ph.D Sohiko Kameyama Stable isotope geochemistry on the variations of oceanic trace gases through biological activities
Master Satoru B. Ohkubo Triple oxygen isotopic compositions of nitrate in natural waters
Master Uta Konno Distribution of dissolved hydrogen molecules in ocean: Implication for H2 production in the oeans and application to estimate nitrogen fixation rate
Master Shunsuke Saegusa Geochemical studies on the seafloor massive methane hydrate, off Joetsu area, Japan Sea
Master Keisuke Furumochi Stable isotope geochemistry of dissolved non-methane hydrocarbons in ocean
March, 2006
name Title
Master Sinsuke Kawagucci Long-term observation on the triple oxygen isotopic composition of stratospheric CO2: Implications for photochemistry and air mass transport in the stratosphere
Master Kenji Maegawa Seafloor methane seepages processes and origins in forearc region
Bachelor Sumie Asano バッチ法による硝酸塩の定量的二酸化炭素化法の検討と
Bachelor Koichiro Iguchi 琉球弧南部および太平洋南極海嶺における新規海底熱水活動の探索
Bachelor Tai Ishikawa Quantifying triple oxygen isotopic compositions of organic aerosols
Bachelor Tadasuke Kido Sensitive determinations of stable nitrogen isotopic composition of PON/DON through chemical conversion to N2O : Application to the oeanic nitrogen fixation
March, 2005
name Title
Ph.D Toyoho Ishimura Ecological and geochemical characterizations of foraminifera in submarine methane seepage area
Ph.D Daisuke D. Komatsu Applications if stable isotope tracers to study geochemical processes of atmospheric trace gases
Master Ayako Kosaka Geochemistry of highly acidic hydrothermal fluid from a submarine arc volcano and alkalic cold seep fluids from a forearc serpentine seamount, Mariana arc
Master Junko Yamaguchi Study of light hydrocarbons in sea surface using it's stable carbon isotopic composition as a tracer
Bachelor Satoru B. Ohkubo Origin of methane in hydrothermal fluids at Okinawa Trough
Bachelor Uta Konno Liquid CO2 venting on seafloor: Yonaguni IV Knoll hydrothermal system, Okinawa Trough
Bachelor Shunsuke Saegusa Distribution of methane in deep-sea water at Nankai Trough area
Bachelor Hitomi Satoh Origin and seasonal variations of atmospheric methane in Siberia
March, 2004
name Title
Ph.D Akira Ijiri Stable isotopic studies on fluid and gas migration in forearc sediments
Ph.D Tomohiro Toki Geochemical studies on the origin of methane in crustal fluids using carbon isotopes of methane and carbon dioxide as tracers
Master Sohiko Kameyama Geochemical studies on submarine groundwater discharges using methane and nitrous oxide as tracers
Master Akinari Hirota Geochemical studies on microbial activities within deep sea venting fluids by using methane as a tracer
Bachelor Sinsuke Kawagucci Development and application of the system for quantification of mass independent oxygen isotope anomaly in carbon monoxide
Bachelor Masao Nishimura Origin and seasonal variations of polluted air in the East Asia using stable isotope compositions
March, 2003
name Title
Master Shingo Kudo Quantitative analysis of mass independent fractionation in oxygen isotopes of stratospheric carbon dioxide
Bachelor Shinsuke Ichibayashi Chemical characteristics of hydrothermal plume waters  at the fourth Yonaguni Knoll in Okinawa Trough and Kermadec arc ocean district
Bachelor Ayako Kosaka Geochemistry of cold seep fluids at Kuroshima Knoll
Bachelor Junko Yamaguchi Origin of atmospheric benzen using it's stable carbon isotopic composition as a tracer
March, 2002
name Title
Master Daisuke D. Komatsu Stable isotopic studies of atmospheric trace ases in soil
Bachelor Ikarashi Vertical distributions of concentration and stable isotopic composition of carbon monoxide in the eastern Asian troposphere
Bachelor Hiroyuki Tatewaki Remote temperature measurements of volcanic fumarole by using isotopic equilibrium between carbon compounds in volcanic gas
Bachelor Akinari Hirota Geochemical studies of cold seep site at eastern margin area of Japan Sea
Bachelor Murata Hideyuki Chemical Characteristics of Sea-floor Hydrothermal Systems in the Southwestern Okinawa Trough
March, 2001
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(Univ. Tokyo)
Tomohiro Toki Methane migration from the Nankai Trough accretionary prism
Yohsuke Hachisu Measurements of stable carbon and oxygen isotopic compositions of CO in urban air
Mitsuhiro Yamazaki Time-series vertical profiles of 13C in methane in the Western North Pacific
Bachelor Fumitaka Kouzuma Comparison of chemical characteristics of sea-floor hydrotehrmal systems at arc volcanoes in the northwestern Pacific
Bachelor Shingo Kudo Carbon and oxygen stable isotopic compositions of stratospheric CO2 over Japan